Subway fares are calculated by unifying all metropolitan subway lines based on a distance proportional system (based on the shortest distance). All subway lines are color coded and stations display signs in Korean, English, and Chinese.
• The Airport Railroad Line and Sinbundang Line charge higher fares.
• 10 - 40 km: 100 won for every 5 km
• After 50 km: 100 won for every 8 km
• T-money card users receive a 100 won discount off the adult fare per ride.
All taxis use a meter, with slightly different base rates for regular, international, deluxe, and jumbo cabs. Most taxis accept cash, credit cards, and T-money for payment. Rates depend on the class of taxi, length of journey, and time of day.

The basic fare for regular taxi fares is 3,800 won and increases by increments of W100 according to time/distance (the basic fare covers the first two kilometers of the trip and then W100 is added for each additional 132 meters).  If the taxi is traveling at a speed lower than 15 kilometers per hour, W100 is added to the meter every 31 seconds. The basic late-night fare has increased from 4,600 won.
Seoul’s public bus system is a well-developed, cheap, and convenient form of transportation. However, due to the lack of English signs and information at bus stops, Seoul’s buses can be more difficult to use for first time travelers to Korea. Major stops are usually announced in English and Korean.
• T-money card users receive a 100 won discount.
• Up to four transfers between buses and between bus and subways are free for T-money users. To transfer, make sure you scan the T-money card at the reader by the bus’s front or rear doors when exiting. Transfer must take place within 30 minutes (1 hour for travel between 9pm and 7am) and 10km of disembarking.
• T-money Card
It can be used on any public bus, subway, taxis, and even many convenient stores. After charging your card with the desired amount, funds are deducted as the card is used. T-money cards offer a 100 won fare discount for buses and subways, and transfer discounts between buses and subways.
• Where to buy
T-money cards can be purchased and charged at most convenience stores, subway stations, and tourist information centers. Cards can be purchased for 3,000 won and charged with any amount. T-money cards have no expiration date and any unused balance will remain on your card until used.