Lecture Description
Orthotropics has traditionally been face focused, almost at the exclusion of dental detailing.
Most patients struggle to accept the marked misalignments of teeth at the end of the Biobloc Training Phase. As the ongoing Retention Phase in the Stage 3 prevents the possibility for dental alignment, clinicians are often forced to use fixed braces to finish and accept the loss of ongoing growth gains.
This summary outlines the rationale and specific protocols for finishing in Orthotropics without the use of fixed braces or aligners. A review of 100+ case examples showing ongoing gains in the long tail retention phase with night Biobloc yet still achieving high level orthodontic refinement without the use of fixed braces and aligners.
치료에서의 마무리; 어떤 방법으로 무엇을 하고 무엇을 하지 말아야 하는가.