Yasushi Mitani
1981: Graduated from Matumoto Dental University with a bachelor’s degree
1998: Master’s degree from Nihon Dental University at Niigata
1995-2007: Japan Orthotropics Study Club Director
2007: RAMPA Educational Institute Chair
2012-2015: The Japan Association of Cranio-Orofacial growth Guidance Chair
2012: KICHIJOJI kodomo clinic Director

  My daughter “Eri” had Class Ⅲ with anterior open bite, but I was unable to accept the existing treatment method, so I studied with Biobloc therapy and cured Eri. However, I found that it was difficult to treat Class Ⅲ with this therapy alone. In order to treat them, I developed RAMPA, this appliance to induce the cranial base antero-superiorly. Based on the clinical results I had obtained, I found that this treatment was not only effective in modifying the form of the cranial, but also improve the anterior head position. It led to the extensive broadening of the range of treatments. Having been adapted to skeletal deformity and used in a variety of appliances, this method is named “Orthocephalics: RAMPA therapy. There is no doubt that forward inducement is carried out by Biobloc and RAMPA, but the latter is considered to belong to orthopedic treatment. “Orthocephalics” was originally named by Enlow and Harvold et al, and was published in 1977 on A. J. O. I opened a clinic specializing in RAMPA and Biobloc in Tokyo in 2012, and have been holding seminars in addition to treating many patients.