Keisuke Inoue
Dr. Keisuke Inoue graduated from Tokyo Dental College in 1997.  After graduating from Tokyo Dental College Graduate School of Dentistry, he achieved a PhD in dentistry, and worked at Tokyo Dental College Hospital, specialising in prosthdontics and Oral Implantology.
During his time focussing in prosthdontics, implant treatment and occlusal reconstruction, he noted that losing natural tooth structure and in particular, ultimately failure of the restored dentition is inevitable, no matter how great the treatment. As a result of this insight, he decided to shift his focus towards preventive dentistry.
After working at a university hospital, he began working in his father's dental clinic in Aichi Prefecture as a fourth-generation dentist, with a focus on preventive dentistry.
Dr Inoue is aligned with Professor John Mew’s quote, “there is a reason for everything.” He applies this philosophy to the treatment of paediatric malocclusion in the same way as he applies it to treatment of dental caries and periodontal disease. Prevention, where possible is better than cure, and treatment without correction of aetiological factors is not an ideal approach.
Thus, Dr Inoue works on the aetiology of malocclusion as much as possible - namely soft tissue dysfunction and breathing dysfunction.
His investigations into the inter-relationships between malocclusion and reduced upper airway volume, using CBCT are part of an overall philosophy towards prevention of the aetiology of paediatric sleep apnoea.
Dr Inoue has shown that correction of malocclusion using an early intervention and myofunctional approach, can improve airway volume and therefore has potential to reduce the severity and incidence of paediatric sleep apnoea.