Simon Wong
Dr Simon Wong is a graduate of the 1991 class at the Dental School of Melbourne University. Simon practiced as a general dental surgeon for more than 20 years, before completing a Californian residency programme in Biobloc Orthotropics with Dr William Hang. Simon has also been mentored by Professor John Mew of the London School of Facial Orthotropics.
Formal Qualifications:
Bachelor of Dental Science, University of Melbourne 1991
Fellow of International College of Continuing Dental Education (Orthodontics)
Master Orthotropist, London School of Facial Growth Guidance  

We believe in comprehensive, early intervention treatment for all our patients to develop beautiful, natural smiles. We are Focusing on Paediatric Early Interceptive Orthodontics and Dental and Facial Growth Guidance. We are also passionate about training oral and facial muscles to work in harmony; an important aspect in developing good teeth and facial development.  

We can start treating children from as young as 4 years of age. We can certainly start the assessment process and let you know the benefits of what is possible to achieve beautiful smiles and improve facial posture with benefits going beyond that of a beautiful smile.