Hotel Prima Seoul
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    Seoul National University
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  • VENUE 3
    Children's Dental Center (CDC)
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VENUE 1. Hotel Prima Seoul – Full Symposium
Address: 536 Dosan daero, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea
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Incheon International Airport -> Hotel Prima Seoul

1. Airport Limousine #6006 Highly recommended
The fare is 15,000 KRW for a single journey from both terminals to the venue (Hotel Prima Seoul.)
Terminal 1 First Bus 05:50 Bus Stop No. 4 outside of Arrival Gate B
(1st Floor)
Last Bus 23:06 Travel Time Approximately 80minutes
Terminal 1  Bus Stop Location (Bus Stand #4, 1st Floor)
• Ticket can be purchased from the ticket stands inside & outside of the arrival terminal.
Terminal 2 First Bus 05:30 Bus Stop Transportation Center #14
(Basement of the Arrival Terminal)
Last Bus 22:46 Travel Time Approximately 100minutes
Terminal 2  Bus Stop Location (Transportation Center Basement 1. #14)
• Ticket can be purchased from the ticket box in the basement.
Route Information
2. Taxi
You can take a taxi from the airport at the taxi stands located outside the arrival hall of both terminals.
Taxi Stand Terminal 1 5C, 6C, 6D * Estimated fare – approx. 80,000 KRW
(Based on no traffic congestion)
* Taxis use the same fare calculation of increase by time and distance traveled. Make sure your driver turn on the meter and it’s been cleared from the previous passenger.
Terminal 2 5C

Gimpo International Airport -> Hotel Prima Seoul

1. Taxi
If you arrive at the Gimpo International Airport, we recommend you to take a taxi from the airport which is the most convenient way to get the venue without transferring. However, we recommend you to take other options during the rush hour (07:00-09:00 and 15:00-19:00). Estimated fare is approximately 30,000 KRW but the actual fare may differ depending on the traffic situation. You can take a standard taxi from the taxi stand number 1 as described in the image below.
2. Subway + Taxi
You can also take a bus or subway but we don’t really recommend you to take these options since you have to transfer which may make you confused especially if it’s your first visit to Korea. However, for those who would like to experience public transportation, we introduce one of the options below. Take the line 9 express train from the Gimpo Airport Station connected to the airport and get off at Seonjeongneung Station (37minutes, 1,650 KRW). Go to Exit 4 and take a taxi to the Prima Hotel Seoul. (15minutes, 5,000 KRW).
VENUE 2. Seoul National University Dental Hospital, 8F Hall – Post Symposium
Address: 101, Daehak-ro, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Korea
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Hotel Prima Seoul -> Seoul National University Dental Hospital

1. Taxi
From Hotel Prima Seoul to the Seoul National University Dental Hospital, it takes about 40 minutes by taxi. The fare is approximately 15,000 KRW. Please come up to the 8th floor of the hospital when you get off at the Dental Hospital.
2. Subway
It takes about 1 hour including walking time and the fare is 1,450 KRW. Walk to Cheongdam Station(15minutes by walk) -> Cheongdam station (Line 7) -> Konkuk University (Line 2) -> Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station(Line 4) -> Get off at Hyehwa Station(Line 4) -> Go out to Exit 3 and walk to Seoul National University Dental Hospital -> Come up to the 8th floor
VENUE 3. Children’s Dental Center(CDC) – Visit the Practice
Address: 11, Hakdong-ro 97, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
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Children’s Dental Center(CDC) was established in 1992 for the specialized pediatric dental hospital. CDC treats and takes care of every single child as a respectable character, not as a small adult. CDC’s mission is to provide the best pediatric dental care and management based on a foundation of trust and great patient relationships.

More about CDC: http://www.seoulchildrendentalcenter.com/